September, 2017

Dear Friends and Esteemed Customers,

As you know, I closed Dombourian Oriental Rugs after 102 years in business. While I no longer sell or clean rugs, I am still available for Oriental Rug appraisals for insurance claims, insurance personal property schedules, or estate equitable distribution purposes. I have kept up with my appraisal credentials or USPAP (Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice).

The tragic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and the serious rain events and flooding in the Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas in 2016 have once again demonstrated the importance to re-examine our homeowners insurance policies. As I write this, Hurricane Irma is approaching the United States. Since Hurricane Katrina, many insurance companies have rewritten policies that cover much of
our valuable contents such as rugs, jewelry, antique furniture and fine art.  Today it is important to have these items scheduled separately on an endorsement to your contents policy to fully insure your property for replacement value.  Flood insurance will either not cover any of these valuable contents at all or only at a greatly depreciated schedule.

According to new government and insurance company regulations, appraisals will only be accepted from certified appraisers and/or those that are USPAP accredited.

I would be happy to consult with you and schedule an appointment if you wish to have your rugs appraised for either insurance or estate purposes.
 I can still be reached at (504)891-3436, via email, or by using this

Thank you all for the many years of friendship and business.


Greg Dombourian
, President
Dombourian Oriental Rugs

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